Yahoo Rolls Out Beta Version of Calendar

October 8th, 2008 at 12:00 am

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Calendars are an integral part of the worker with the busy schedule.  Most email providers include a calendar application where users can layout their entire schedule and see when or where they are or aren’t busy.  Microsoft, Google and Apple all have their own version of the digital calendar and so does Yahoo, the world’s largest email provider.

Yahoo’s calendar has remained unchanged for quite a while now.  However, Yahoo’s has not received an update even though its competitors have perfected the calendar application.  That’s all about to change now.  Yahoo is rolling out a new calendar application that easily ties up with Yahoomail, Flickr and believe it or not, other calendar services like Google Calendar, Apple iCal.   The new version is built on the Zimbra technology.

Thanks to the powerful technology that our Zimbra team built, and our involvement with the online calendaring community, we’ve been able to add some much-improved technical functionality to the new Yahoo! Calendar. Now you can better connect with your friends and family –- even those who aren’t using Yahoo! Calendar. Our new calendar is interoperable with the other popular services, including those from Apple, Microsoft, AOL, Mozilla, and Google, so you can share your upcoming plans and important dates with friends.

Key features of the initial beta release of the new Yahoo Calendar application are:

  • Subscribe to any iCalendar-based public calendar and add upcoming events and show times to your Yahoo! Calendar. This means you’ll be able to plan for a local concert when your favorite band comes to town and you’ll know when the next new episode of “Lost” will air.
  • Easily drag and drop events to reschedule appointments without having to refresh your Web page.
  • Set email, IM or SMS reminders for important activities and never miss a birthday or anniversary again.
  • Personalize your Yahoo! Calendar with interesting photos from Flickr to make your online calendar as visually appealing as it is productive.

Moreover, Yahoo will be rolling out new features as they move.  Included in the plans are integrations with other Yahoo properties like to allow users to download schedules of other people, events, sports teams, leagues etc, right to their own calendars.

The new Yahoo calendar is not yet available for public consumption but anybody can sign up to try it out here and view a demo here