Apple to Hold MacBook Event

October 9th, 2008 at 12:00 am

apple notebooks event macbook brick stevenote steve jobs announcement keynote

Rumors of Apple’s event in San Francisco next week are buzzing again.  Apple has not said a word on what it is but has already completed its invitation list and already sent out a teaser for the event.

All we know is that the event will be centered on notebooks and since we’re talking about Apple then it’s going to be MacBooks.  However, what exactly, we do not know.

This is much like any other announcement Apple makes.  The iPhone was never mentioned before Steve Job’s keynote nor was the iPod and come to think of it, none of their products.  So it may be safe to say that Apple will be announcing a new laptop during the event.

The buzz going around this new laptop would be the new form factor MacBook Brick, a laptop that does not fold anymore and is completely multi-touch screen.  If they are about to release one of those, Apple will again be revolutionizing the notebook market.  On the other hand, there are also rumors of a sub $1000 MacBook in the works, actually $800.  So it’s eithe of the two or none of the two or both of the two.  Whatever, the suspense is killing me.  And whatever it is, I’m sure they’re planning to sell it this Christmas season.

The Apple event has no name yet much like that iPod launching they had last month.  The event’s going to be on October 14th 10AM,San Francisco Town Hall.  By invitation only.