Apple MacBook Event Introduces Product in the $800 Range

October 14th, 2008 at 12:00 am

The Apple notebook event introduced the new line of MacBooks.  The most innovative feature of the new notebook line is the NVIDIA graphics system each new MacBook comes equipped with.  However, rumors leading to the event mentioned the possibility of a product within the $800 range.

Many speculated that Steve Jobs would be announcing an Apple Netbook that’s cheaper than any model in the MacBook line.  Hopes were up for Apple fans who wanted a more affordable notebook from the the computer maker.  However, all hopes were shattered as the cheapest MacBook is still a full fledged MacBook worth $999.

As for the product in the $800 range, Steve Jobs did not fail to deliver, however still disappointing.  So to lift the curtain of suspense, the product in the $800 range unveiled at the recent Apple MacBook event is the new Cinema Display.

The new Cinema Display is a 24-inch LED-backlit 1920 x 1200 pixel resolution LCD display.  Basically, the new monitor compliments the introduction of the new MacBooks featuring the new NVIDIA graphics systems and mini-DisplayPort.  Cinema Display also features two other connectors, MagSafe and USB.  And to make its hefty $800 range price tag a bit worth it, it comes with built in iSight (webcam), microphone and stereo speakers.

Oh right, and the price tag as promised is well within the mentioned price range, $899!