Facebook Photos Hits the 10 Billion Mark

October 15th, 2008 at 12:00 am

facebook photos 10 billion milestone storage terabytes petabyte

Facebook is arguably the world’s largest social network and definitely not a photo repository or sharing site, per se. However, Facebook has more photos in its servers than Photobucket or Flickr which are both full fledged photo sharing sites. This is the perfect example of how powerful a social site can be.

Facebook announced a milestone last night that they have reached 10 billion photos stored in their servers. This number is significantly bigger than the numbers shown on photo sharing sites, like Photobucket that as of writing is at 6.2 billion. Flickr on the other hand hit 2 billion last year. So at any rate, Facebook is leading with 10 a whopping 2-3 terabytes of images uploaded to them everyday.

Here are some ideas to help you imagine what 10 billion photos are.

  • 2-3 Terabytes of photos are being uploaded to the site every day
  • We have just over one petabyte of photo storage
  • We serve over 15 billion photo images per day
  • Photo traffic now peaks at over 300,000 images served per second

The Facebook engineers received cupcakes for the achievement. One of them calculated that if they received a cupcake for every photo and line them up side by side, they’d reach half way to the moon.

Doug Beaver, Facebook engineer, also mentioned that they actually store four copies of every photo they get which amounts to 40 billion files. However, with that much files, their storage space is getting tighter. Facebook reported borrowed $100 million for storage in May.