Qik Launches Mobile Video Streaming

October 17th, 2008 at 12:00 am

qik live mobile video streaming

Live mobile video streaming is an innovation breakthrough.  Making a mobile camera phone into a video camera that broadcasts live on the internet is a simple idea yet will probably revolutionize the entire video sharing industry.

Qik, a live mobile video streaming platform announced today that they are the first to launch a live mobile video product on mass market phones.  Qik is now supporting more than a dozen mobile phones from Nokia and Sony Ericsson.

"It’s a real milestone for mobile technology that an advanced utility like Qik is now available on mass market cell phones," said Ramu Sunkara, co-founder and CEO of Qik. "We have been astounded by the use of Qik by smartphone owners, and are excited to see what mass market cell phone users will stream live to the Web."

Qik is initially launching in alpha on the following handsets: Nokia 5300, Nokia 6300, Nokia 6500 (classic and slide), Nokia 6555, Nokia 8800 Arte/Carbon Arte, Sony Ericsson G502, Sony Ericsson K660i, Sony Ericsson K850i, Sony Ericsson K858c, Sony Ericsson W890i, Sony Ericsson W908c, Sony Ericsson W910i, and Sony Ericsson Z750i. 

Qik also recently landed a deal with Nokia to preload their shortcut on the upcoming iPhone killer Nokia Xpressmusic 5800 phone.  With the platform going on live today for Nokia and Sony Ericsson phones, Qik is building up a market for their streaming service.