Gmail Adds Canned Responses

October 22nd, 2008 at 12:00 am

gmail canned response mail goggles email

Google is the biggest web company and still has the corporate ethics of a garage startup (at least that’s how it looks from the outside). Anyway, Google is known to make products that are sometimes not so serious but most of the time actually necessary. These little features are mostly not their mainstream bread and butter like their search business (where we’ve also seen some horsing around).

Google Mail has grown popular since its proven itself to be easier to use and since Google started making itself present in most aspects of the web. Gmail may not be the best email service out there but with its Google name, it sure is one of largest and most used. Its users are mostly converts from email clients like Outlook or Eudora and even from services like YahooMai and Hotmail. These people are mostly the ones who see the Google’s dominance on the web and these are the geeks, web workers and the web savvy.

Most of the people mentioned are power users of Gmail. These guys answer thousands of emails everyday and most of the time those emails are redundant, stupid and not even worthy of a reply. However there are some couple of hundred that do need a response for whatever reason. That’s why in addition to the Compose Email and Reply option, Gmail has introduced a new feature, Canned Responses.

Canned responses are like canned applause on TV shows. These are like the machine generated emails used by banks or the auto response messages we use in instant messaging. However, the Gmail canned responses are fully customizable and not automatically generated.

If you’re sick of typing out the same reply every time someone emails you with a common question, now you can compose your reply once and save the message text with the "Canned responses" button. Later, you can open that same message and send it again and again. [Gmail Blog]

It may be another absurd feature like the Mail Goggles Gmail recently introduced but still it makes a whole lot of sense. So like it or not, Canned Responses are now on Gmail, use it as you please.