Gmail Labs Adds Google Calendar and Other ther Gadgets

October 28th, 2008 at 12:00 am

gmail google labs gadgets

The great thing about Google is that they have their finger in most of the pies across the internet.  By pies I mean types of services and tools.  this simply means that if you’re going to use the internet, you can stick with Google and they can provide most of the things you need, from browser to social network, Google is becoming a one stop shop for the entire web.

Today, Gmail Labs is announcing another cross breed of its tools.  Google Calendar and Google Docs can now be embedded on the Gmail sidebar.  Again its nothing entirely innovative or new, it’s simply intuitive.  Google specializes in those things, providing simple solutions to problems that are taken for granted or too simple to worry about.

The new gadgets, Google Calendar and Google Docs, in Gmail are focused on providing two things, a simple way to see your Google Calendar agenda and get an alert when you have a meeting, and a gadget that shows a list of your recently accessed Google Docs and lets you search across all of your documents right from within Gmail.   Of course this already possible with the new iGoogle, however it turns out that Gmail is a way too important platform to be only viewed partially in iGoogle.

[Image by Google]