Zimbra Introduces Cloud Based Email Service for Schools

October 28th, 2008 at 12:00 am


With Google and Microsoft dominating the news in the recent weeks, all we hear from Yahoo so far is that their stock is worth bread crumbs and they’ve just laid off more than a thousand employees due to the financial meltdown.

Anyway, a Yahoo property is making waves today about their email service that’s actually quite superb.  Zimbra is announcing that they will be offering cloud hosted email service to educational institutions in addition to their self hosted system that already benefits more than 400 schools. 

Cloud-based services are growing popular.  Amazon’s web services is making a lot of money andother players are trying to get into the game. Rackspace recently acquired two companies and Microsoft just launched Windows Azure. Any which way, services are migrating to the cloud one by one and Zimbra’s announcement today to offer hosted email services to schools are nothing surprising.

Zimbra is by any means one of the best email systems ever.  It’s fast and reliable.  Moreover, if there’s one thing Yahoo’s is good at, it’s their email which still provides most of the world’s email to date, and that system is running on Zimbra technology.  This means that Zimbra will have no problem going from server deployed software to a cloud based service.

The only problem facing Zimbra now is Google’s Education Edition which integrates all other Google products along with it.