Logitech Acquires SightSpeed

October 29th, 2008 at 12:00 am

logitech computer periherals sightspeed

Switzerland based maker of computer peripherals Logitech is dipping its hand into the world of web startups and services today with the announcement of their acquisition of California based video conferencing startup SightSpeed.

As odd as it sounds for a solid hardware maker who’s been enjoying success for so long to be going into the volatile world of web startups where revenue is usually less straightforward as buying a mouse or webcam over the counter, the acquisition makes perfect sense. Logitech’s hardware, as good as they are, needs a great software package to compliment it. Since there’s not much they can do with their mice or keyboards or speakers, the webcam seems to be their best shot of investment into the web sphere.

The acquisition of the 25-man Sightspeed will provide Logitech with video calling technology and a software and services development team that can be focused on future video calling initiatives that can enable cross-platform video communications with an intuitive, lifelike experience, for people sitting in front of a personal computer or with their family in a living room.

Sightspeed is an online communication solution that provides video conferencing, multi-party conference calls, and instant messaging. A free version is available and pricing for the SightSpeed Plus for consumers is $9.95 per month or $99.95 per year. Pricing for the more full-featured Business edition starts at $19.95 per user per month or $189.95 per year.

“With this acquisition, we are significantly augmenting our current video R&D resources to help us move more quickly toward our goals for video services that complement the way people socialize, communicate and enjoy entertainment,” said Junien Labrousse, executive vice president of Logitech’s Products group.