OpenID for Google Accounts

October 29th, 2008 at 12:00 am

open id

The concept of the Open ID is great.  A single username and password that allows you to get into anywhere on the web will get rid of dozens of ID’s and passwords to remember.  However, OpenID can’t be successful if the large companies that control the internet won’t adapt to it.  It’s like Visa or Mastercard, useless if Wal Mart did not accept them.

So, good news, Google is now (sort of) accepting the OpenID concept.  When the OpenID group first proposed to Google that their services would benefit if they accepted OpenID’s, Google shot them down.  Now Google is slowly opening up, however, they’re still on the selfish side.

Google is releasing an OpenID  API that will allow developers to use Google accounts to log into different websites.  The initial version of the API will use the OpenID 2.0 protocol to enable websites to validate the identity of a Google Account user, including the optional ability to request the user’s e-mail address.

This maeks Google a "provider" of  OpenID’s, not a "relying party."  This means that the OpenID for Google works one way, meaning you can’t use your OpenID provided by somebody else to use Google products and services.

Nevertheless, this is great news from Google and hopefully sometime everything on the web can be accessed by a single account.