Yahoo Launches Y!OS

October 29th, 2008 at 12:00 am

yahoo open strategy, y!os, web os, development tools, api

As troubled as Yahoo! is, it’s still one of the web’s best and most popular starting points.  Millions of people are still using YahooMail and Yahoo Messenger.  So besides the money matters, Yahoo’s products are still in great shape.

Now, to keep it that way, Yahoo is doing everything it can.  They’re signing deals with Google, buying relevant startups to beef up their arsenal and as everything else goes on the web, opening up to third party developers.  Yahoo today launched their Y!OS, it’s like a Web OS but it means Yahoo! Open Strategy.  So what does this do?  Well basically the open strategy is a platform Yahoo is implementing so they can get a steady stream of tools and applications and with that users.

"…with "open" defined as rewiring Yahoo! so we could 1) open our network to outside innovation, 2) unlock the power of your social relationships, and 3) mesh your Yahoo! experience with other sites to bring you the best of the Web. " [Yodel Anecdotal]

As all open developments go, Y!OS provides developers a number of tools and API’s so they can fully utilize the Yahoo platform.   Most if not all of the new tools in the Y1OS portfolio are social-ready.  Yahoo will be using the social and viral strategy to gain ground and deliver new innovations to the internet user.  The developers who will be working on the Y!OS platform will gain access to Yahoo! Application Platform (YAP) , Yahoo! Social Platform (YSP), and Yahoo! Query Language (YQL), a proprietary query language.

All these tools are only relevant to developers.  Yahoo hopes that the effect of the Y!OS on consumers would be something like the effect of the iPhone.  If you recall, Apple created its own mobile platform and now the iPhone is the most popular mobile internet gizmo on the planet. 

Whatever output the strategy produces, Yahoo hopes to regain its former glory as the web’s best portal for all kinds of services.