Motorola Announces Third-Quarter Financial Results

October 30th, 2008 at 12:00 am


Motorola is a troubled company nowadays.  Back when when nobody else was making semiconductors and cellular phones, Motorola was king.  Now with everybody else making better devices, it seems that Motorola has failed to come up with any new and novel ides to save their skin.

The most recent development in the Motorola camp was its split into two entities and its mobile division beefing up its Android team.  However, the good news stops there.  Today, Motorola released their Q3 results and things are looking bleak. Sales are down more than 30% from a year ago and they only have 8.4% of market share, also down.

With those numbers, one would assume that Motorola would step up its game and release that Android-powered social mobile handset they’re dedicating more than 300 memers of their staff to.  On the contrary, they’ll be taking their time.  Along with the report, they said not to expect their Android phone until the holiday season next year.  You’d think that with Motorola’s experience in building phones would have an effect on producing a new one.

Additionally, Motorola will also be cutting  jobs to streamline their production and save some money.  Reports estimate that the phonemaker will be shedding 3000 jobs over the next two quarters.