Setting Up Your E-mail in Microsoft Outlook

October 31st, 2008 at 12:00 am


As if the competition between PC’s and Macs isn’t messy enough, Microsoft is taking the fight right to Apple’s doorsteps.  Microsoft is setting up recording booths for their "I’m a PC" campaign right outside Apples stores in malls and other places.  The booths are for Microsoft customers to record short video clips explaining why they are PC’s.  Those clips if chosen will air on Microsoft’s $300 million ad campaign that started with Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld’s shoe shopping trip and suburban escape.

This competition between Apple and Microsoft has been going on for years and Apple’s ad campaign that started the messy confrontation between the Macs and PC’s is getting its karma.  It’s sort of like Coke and Pepsi killing each other in their TV ads, only this time geeks are holding the swords.

Apple has yet to retaliate to this most recent attack.   They have already aired a bunch of new "I’m a Mac" TV ads to counter Microsoft’s "I’m a PC" ads which still feature Justin Long and Jeff Hodges as Mac and PC. 

Image Credit: AppleInsider