and Wink Merge

November 3rd, 2008 at 12:00 am

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Wink, a Mountain View CA based startup that specializes in crawling social networks to find people  is merging with social networking site in Santa Monica CA, Reunion.  The two companies will be leveraging Wink’s 700 million individual profiles and web crawling capabilities and Reunion’s 50 million users to gain a head start in the social search market.

According to the two companies, they will be making an entirely new brand.  The name of the site is still undisclosed as well as the financial details.  All we know is that it will have something to do with social search.

"Through this merger, we’re redefining the people search space by bridging existing social networks and providing consumers with the tools they need to find, be found, and stay connected," Wink CEO Michael Tanne said in a release.

 "We’re aiming to create an entirely new online experience that simplifies people’s lives by making it easy to find and keep up with everyone they know. There will be exciting developments in the coming months as we integrate our strengths and push our business forward."

However, the new product/site like Wink,  will be going against the undisputed champion on the internet, Google.  Until now, many search engines have come and gone all claiming to have some technology better than Google’s. 

Google remains to be the best and most used search engine on the web.  Although Wink may claim that their search engine is designed to find people, Google does the same thing anyway so it has been hard for the company to gain mainstream traction since its inception.