Google Releases Visualization API

November 4th, 2008 at 12:00 am

google visualization api

Organizing massive amounts of data usually falls into the realm of databases and spreadsheets.  These programs efficiently tabulate mostly any kind of data making that information more relevant than just a bunch of number and names.  Spreadsheets and databases today are so versatile that you can virtually perform any kind of mathematical analysis, cross reference and statistical analysis on the data in them.

However, these tools were usually found on desktop or client office suites like Microsoft Office Excel and MySQL. This trait obviously limited the accessibility of the data and hence when cloud computing got better, Spreadsheets and databases naturally migrated there.

With Google and Amazon leading the cloud revolution, more and more data are being stored on the cloud in the form of spreadsheets and databases. But to make sense of all this data proved to be trickier than storing it online.  So in March, Google released their Visualization API that enabled developers to create applications on top of Google Docs spreadsheets.  Today however, Google is announcing that their API will be able to make applications on top of any data source in the cloud.

This simply means that the Visualization API can create applications, graphs, charts and gadgets using data from mostly any spreadsheet and database connected to the web, these include Excel spreadsheets and SQL databases. The Visualization API gives developers the ability to build gadgets, using a set of over 40 different types of visualizations, ranging from interactive bar charts and timelines, to maps and gauges.