Facebook Adds Status Comments to Mobile Application

November 11th, 2008 at 12:00 am

facebook mobile application status comments

Social networking is still growing strong in both numbers and usage.  Recently, Facebook reported that they’ve acquired another 15 million new users this 2008.  While social networking continues its pace, mobile access of these networks are getting more and more popular.  Facebook today introduces a new feature for their mobile application.

Facebook’s mobile site m.facebook.com has been online for quite a while as well as their extended site x.facebook.com, which allows users with more advanced handsets to access more features of the social network.  However, the features of these mobile applications are not as compete as the computer based website.  Until today, the status feature has remained a one way stream, meaning that the user can only update his status and view the status of his friends.

Now, Facebook is introducing a new feature for their mobile application, status comments. It works pretty much the same as the regular website.   Users can now comment on other users’ status.  This makes the status feature of Facebook something like Twitter or Plurk, both considered to be a social revolution on the web.

The new feature comes about with the increase of mobile social applications.  According to the Wayne Chang of Facebook: people are hungry for interactive mobile features worldwide, and Facebook users are no exception.

Usage of our mobile products has grown from 5 million to 15 million active users since the beginning of the year. We have expanded our mobile team and are continuing to make improvements every day.