Google Reader Translation Tools

November 11th, 2008 at 12:00 am

google reader translate

For many people, Google Reader is an important tool for organizing tons and tons of news and information everyday.  In fact, as a blogger, it’s the only tool I keep constantly open on my computer.  Today, Google Reader is adding a new feature that will possibly help the world understand each other better or lose each other in translation.

Google Reader is introducing a translation feature.  It does exactly what it says, takes feeds from different languages and translates them into whatever language you understand.  This feature of course is nothing new but yet another integration of an existing Google Product, Google Translate.

Of course as most of the Google products features, this is optional and must be activated manually.  Here’s an excerpt from the Google Reader blog:  "Next time you find an interesting feed in another language, just subscribe to it as normal in Reader. When you view the feed in Reader, check off "Translate into my language" in the feed settings, and (voila!) the feed will be immediately translated for you. Also, this setting will be saved so you can always view this feed in your own language."

However, before using the translation feature, be advised that the Google translate is a robot and will not always understand everything and consequently will not translate sentences and meanings perfectly. Still if you desparately need to get an idea from an article in another language, Google translate has the most number of languages to translate to and from.