Nokia Launches the Nokia E63

November 12th, 2008 at 12:00 am

nokia e63

Nokia is releasing their latest addition to the E-series business phone line. The E63 joins the E71 in giving users media rich mobile internet and a QWERTY keyboard.

The main difference between the current E71 and E63 is the price. The E63 costs 199Euro as is. Carrier subsidies may put it down to 100-150 Euros, making it the cheapest smartphone on the market.

"Our research shows that people want a device that deals with both their personal and professional lives, but helps them to separate the two. When someone sits down at lunch, they want to update their social network or browse their personal email account and they don’t want work getting in the way of that. It’s another great case of technology adapting to the people that use it," says Soren Petersen, Senior Vice President, Nokia. "The Nokia E63 is a new proposition for Eseries – a messaging device where people will be just as involved in their social network as they are in their business network." [Nokia]

Features are mostly the same with the E71 but with a vey big catch, no 3G. Features include, 113 x 59 x 13-mm / 126g form factor, 320 x 240 pixel display, quad-band GSM / EDGE with 660 minute talk / 432 hours standby, microSD memory slot with 110MB internal memory, 2 megapixel camera capable of QVGA video @ 15fps, and of course, Bluetooth. It’ll also be released in WCDMA 900/2100, 850/1900, and 850/2100 configurations.

To compensate for the 3G, the E63 will be released in two funky colors, ruby and blue (aquamarine).

nokia e63 blue