Twitter Hits 1 Billion Tweets

November 12th, 2008 at 12:00 am

twitter tweets billion popacular

Microblogging service Twitter has reached a milestone today, 1 billion tweets.  for anyone who still has doubts about whether Twitter is in the mainstream or just another geeky tool used on the web, this is your answer.  1 billion Tweets is a hell of a lot of messages passed through the 2 and half year old platform.

The counter, GigaTweet is provided by which lists the most popular Websites on Twitter and Delicious.  That being the case, the milestone may not be that accurate.  We’re awaiting a statement from Twitter.

Nevertheless, it’s very possible that the 1 billionth tweet has been reached prior to today since Twitter started back in July 2006.  Depending on GigaTweet’s algorithm, 1 billion Tweets does sound about right for over 2 years in operation.

Considering that Twitter is a small company (with a lot of cash) it does make sense that we’ve been seeing the fail whale quite a lot of times given the amount of data they get.  So for what it’s worth, we’re sorry Twitter guys!

To put this into perspective and see how mainstream twitter really is, Facebook recently announced that they have 10 billion photos uploaded to them.  however, Facebook is much larger and in operation much longer.  Meebo on the other hand is serving about 5 billion instant messages a month and Flickr just announced their 3 billionth photograph.  Given that Twitter is really young, less users and not an IM service, 1 billion tweets is indeed a milestone.