US Military Launches Trooptube Video Sharing

November 13th, 2008 at 12:00 am

trooptube military video sharing

The worst part of being a soldier is being away from home.  I wouldn’t know but I guess that’s it.  The US military invests heavily on communications and part of that are the systems used by troops deployed around the world to communicate with their families back home.

Recently however, the military banned web-based video sharing sites on all their computers due to security and bandwidth reasons.  This means no Youtube for military personnel overseas.   To give the soldiers another cheaper medium to easily share videos with their families and friends back home over the internet, the military launched a video sharing site called TroopTube.  The site is exclusive only for troops and their families (including girlfriends and boyfriends).

According to the Associated Press, TroopTube was built with the help of Delve Networks, a four-month-old start-up that builds advanced tools for approving, sorting, and managing videos.

Delve’s technology automatically generates the video content into different file sizes to feed the viewer best depending on his or her Internet connection. This makes the site more bandwidth-friendly than YouTube and other movie sites. The company also creates a text transcript from the uploaded videos’ sound tracks for better and more relevant search results. [CNET

Oddly though, there doesn’t seem to be a way to monitor who gets access to the site, Sure, you’ll need a military personnel serial number or invitation to create an account, but on the other end of the pipe, relatives aren’t monitored so they can freely give access to anybody they please.