Disgruntled Employee Murders CEO and Two Others

November 17th, 2008 at 12:00 am

jing hua wuMurder Suspect Jing Hua Wu

A shocking incident has occured in Silicon Valley that’s rattled the tech companies to its core.  A man, Jing Hua Wu, who was recently laid off from semiconductor manufacturing company SiPort in Santa Clara shot and killed 3 of the company’s executives last saturday.  Apparently, Wu who was fired last week went back to the SiPort office last Friday and killed three people, CEO Sid Agrawal; Brian Pugh, VP of operations; and Marilyn Lewis, who was the human resources manager.

There was no indication that Jing Hua Wu posed any danger when he walked into the offices of his Santa Clara employer Friday, a few hours after he’d been fired. So there was no reason for three top company officials to refuse his request for a meeting.

But some time after Wu and the three executives went into a room to talk, police say, the 47-year-old engineer pulled a 9 mm handgun and shot all three dead.

Many have speculated that Wu, was laid off as part of the usual trend of mass lay offs that’s been going on in Silicon Valley companies.  However, Wu, according to SiPort was indiviually fired and that the company has not had any mass lay offs ever.

“SiPort has never had a general layoff at the company and in fact, the company added to its staff in 2008. SiPort started shipping their HD Radio chips earlier this year and the customers seem to really like it. We were not laying people off,” according to a spokesperson.

Nevertheless, four families are destroyed and an entire industry weeps over this tragic event.  Wu was caught and is under arrest after a 19-hour manhunt.