Google Lively No Longer Alive

November 20th, 2008 at 12:00 am

google lively

Google has announced that one of their products is  being discontinued today.  Google Lively, a 3D virtual world that launched back in July is scheduled to shut down at the end of this year.

Lively was supposed to provide users a new environment where they can interact.  Basically it was a chat room where you could make your own silly avatar and walk around in a virtual world talking to friends and meeting other people.  Technically the implementation was a success, however, nobody wants to use it.  

Google admits that Lively was just an experiment and that they thought was also far fetched. "Google has always been supportive of this kind of experimentation because we believe it’s the best way to create groundbreaking products that make a difference to people’s lives. But we’ve also always accepted that when you take these kinds of risks not every bet is going to pay off," according to the Official Google Blog

With that being said, Google announced the closure of the service at the end of the year.  For the few users of Lively, Google suggests that they take videos of their rooms and avatars and their memories of the virtual world and post them on YouTube for remembrance.