Yahoo Launches Visual Search Results for US Market

November 20th, 2008 at 12:00 am

yahoo glue

Yahoo despite being in trouble in the stock market and in transition in management, is still working on innovations for their products.  Little did anybody out of India know about a little experiment Yahoo has been testing called Glue(TM) Pages, which is basically a visual search result user interface.

Tonight, Yahoo is launching a similar service for the US market which they are calling Yahoo! Glue(TM) beta .  This newest iteration is a standalone experience focused on assembling useful information from all over the Web, giving users a new place to discover and explore images, videos, articles and more.

Initially, Yahoo!Glue will start off with a limited number of topics and naturally will expand that base over time.  Yahoo!Glue is an experimental visual search results user interface which Yahoo hopes will make their search engine more attractive.

However, "our intention with Yahoo! Glue(TM) beta is not to replace the Yahoo! Search experience in the US. We’re always challenging ourselves to explore innovative new ways to deliver great experiences. Glue is one of those experiments, with a goal of giving users one more visual way to browse and discover new things from across the Web. We’ll be working to expand the number of Glue pages, improve the experience and incorporate your feedback into future versions." [Yahoo Search Blog]

So, how will this service work. Apparently some visual experiences like Google’s Lively aren’t working so well that they have to close down.  Still, I hope Yahoo!Glue would be of some use to change the ever boring search result pages of Google and Yahoo, the 2 best search engines.