Google Launches Search Wiki

November 21st, 2008 at 12:00 am

google logo

Google search results are a staple of everyday life.  The popularity of internet search has been growing ever since the internet was born.   Google’s share in that market is ridiculously large and is still getting bigger by the day.  As of now, Google search is the search engine, period.

However, Google search results may not always be the best for some people.  Of course some people may be searching something really peculiar or something that sounds like something popular.  Google’s algorithms cannot see through all this and will always return the most popular results based on trends in the media or even just location.  For example, if I search "obama" Google will return thousands of links to pages pertaining to the President-elect. It would never know that I meant the town of Obama in Japan.

That being said, Google’s search engine is not always the smartest and the results you’re looking for may be buried somewhere deep in the serps (search results pages).  To remedy that, Google is launching new tool that will allow users to personalize their search SearchWiki.

"Today we’re launching SearchWiki, a way for you to customize search by re-ranking, deleting, adding, and commenting on search results. With just a single click you can move the results you like to the top or add a new site. You can also write notes attached to a particular site and remove results that you don’t feel belong. These modifications will be shown to you every time you do the same search in the future. SearchWiki is available to signed-in Google users. We store your changes in your Google Account. If you are wondering if you are signed in, you can always check by noting if your username appears in the upper right-hand side of the page." [Official Google Blog]

Of course this is just another tool Google is releasing to aid their users and will not be affecting the way that Google’s algorithms sift through information.  In fact, the information they gather from SearchWiki will only add to the data they can index hence increasing their knowledge base.