Firefox Rolls out Live Margins in China

November 24th, 2008 at 12:00 am

firefox live margins china

Firefox is releasing a China version of their browser really soon.  For some reason, the Chinese will be getting a feature that is not available anywhere else, Live Margins.

Live margins is a feature that’s designed to make browsing a lot easier.  How? Imagine iGoogle and their new layout. explains the feature thoroughly here.  The lot on Live Margins says:

It’s a new sidebar on the right, and apparently it is "a unique solution to the longstanding problem of tab browsing where only one tab is visible at any time." But it also gives "additional search results, relevant information, music, video, and much more." (It) is also localized, including information from the Chinese YouTube, and Chinese sites for music and other information.

Now the big question is, why only for the Chinese?  With the follow up, so when will this feature be available for the rest of the world?

It’s really hard to see why Mozilla is doing this for the Chinese first. However it’s possible that they will be able to get faster feedback from a lot more people if they started with China.  So when the time comes to release those features across the planet, they would already know what to do.