Microsoft to Rebrand LiveSearch as Kumo

November 24th, 2008 at 12:00 am

microsoft live search

A catchy name is sometimes all it takes for a product to sell.  "Google" and "Yahoo" are examples of great names that easily stick in people’s minds.  "Windows" too is a good name and it’s proven itself to be a long standing one.

Now if Microsoft can come up with a really clever name like "Windows," what were they thinking when they named their search engine, that was to compete with "Google" and "Yahoo",  "LiveSearch" ?  That isn’t fun.  And not catchy, at all!

Now, a rebrand may be in order.  Microsoft has acquired the top level domain name "Kumo".  Presently is pointing to an internal site within Microsoft and rumors are going around that this will be the new name of their search engine.

Incidentally, Kumo means “cloud” or “spider” in Japanese.  Even Microsoft employees are admitting that there are branding issues in the works but none of them can or will confirm without authority that it’s definitely going to be

However, will a rebranding of LiveSearch really work?  Sad to say but LiveSearch is lame compared to Google and even Yahoo search.

On the plus side for Microsoft, Yahoo is in big trouble.  LiveSide reports, "Perhaps more importantly, a floundering Yahoo, minus Jerry Yang, really does offer some good acquisition incentives for Microsoft. How much should you pay for a few hundred million eyeballs that you hope will turn into search volume? Yahoo shares ended trading on Friday at $9.39, 70% down on the original Microsoft bid of $31 per share."

So, if Microsoft finally acquires Yahoo, will the game be between Google and Kumo? Honestly I prefer they stick with Yahoo and scrap the entire LiveSearch.