Yahoo Launches Vertical Lens Search Through Boss

November 27th, 2008 at 12:00 am

techcrunch yahoo boss vertical lens

Don’t give up on Yahoo! just yet.  Sure the company may be in trouble and all but be reminded that it’s still the second best search engine on the web.

Yahoo! has a tool called Yahoo! Search BOSS or Build your Own Search Service.  It’s basically an API that developers can use to leverage the Yahoo! Search’s index, infrastructure and technology.  Developers on this API have created such search engines like Hakia and Me.Dium search, both specialized search engines.  Now, Yahoo! gets another partner for a more detailed vertical search engine.

Vertical search engines are nothing new, these are the search engines that focus on a single niche.  So for TechCrunch to use Yahoo! Search BOSS to make a search engine focused on technology makes perfect sense.  They call it "vertical lens".

This partnership with TechCrunch illustrates a new BOSS capability called vertical lens technology, which enables partners, often with no search expertise, to create a truly comprehensive vertical search engine that complements their core user experience. Using BOSS, TechCrunch now provides a one-stop shop for all types of search. BOSS not only improves TechCrunch’s standard site search, it also integrates relevant technology content on people, products and companies from across the Web. And if a user conducts a non-tech focused search, they’ll see relevant Web search results. [Yahoo Search Blog]

So the technology has been proven, now what?  Well, with this proof of concept of the vertical lens, Yahoo of course will be seeking other partners in other niches to build specialized search engines using the BOSS API.  By the way, the API is not open nor free.  Profits however can be made via a revenue sharing scheme that will benefit both Yahoo! and its partners.