Apple Deletes Mac Antivirus Suggestion

December 3rd, 2008 at 12:00 am

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Yesterday, I wrote an article about Apple finally admitting that the Mac was immune virus threat.  In the post, a true Apple engineer said that , "Apple encourages the widespread use of multiple anti-virus utilities so that virus programmers have more than one application to circumvent, thus making the whole virus writing process more difficult."

Today however, Apple has taken down the notice from their website.  They say that a Mac is good to go, secure and all out of the box.  According to Bill Sullivan of Apple Inc., "The Mac is designed with built-in technologies that provide protection against malicious software and security threats right out of the box," he said. "However, since no system can be 100 percent immune from every threat, running antivirus software may offer additional protection."

Moreover, there are no known viruses in the wild that exploit a vulnerability in the Mac OS, and Windows continues to be the overwhelming preference for malware writers to target their programs. But malware isn’t just taking advantage of operating system weaknesses anymore. In fact, the majority of such threats now come from code that targets weaknesses in browsers and other applications that aren’t platform specific. [CNET]

Rich Mogull, security editor of Apple news site says tha the posting of the suggestion for installing antivirus software was, "a low-level support note and it hadn’t gone through the right approvals."   Mogull said he doesn’t recommend that the average Mac user install antivirus software because of the low-level of malicious software seen for Macs at this time.