Obama Policies to Be on Change.gov

December 8th, 2008 at 12:00 am

change.gov your seat at the table

Having won the Youtube generation at the polls last November, President-Elect Barack Obama will be starting his term in January.  Of course, preparations are on the way, Obama has already selected members of his cabinet and is also already forming committees to address the nation’s problems.  He has also set up a website where he continues to announce and communicate with the people since the election. Change.gov, as you might have already guessed is the Obama administration’s portal.

Change.gov will feature a lot of media where users will be up to date on what administration is up to.  Obama has plans to keep this as updated as possible, he’s already announced that his weekly addresses will be posted on Youtube and available on Change.gov.

Last Friday, Obama announced that all policy documents from official meetings with outside organizations will be made publicly available on Change.gov as well.   "This means we’re inviting the American public to take a seat at the table, and engage in a dialogue about these important issues and ideas," Dan McSwain wrote on the Change.gov blog. He called it "a bold move towards opening the doors and ensuring access to government processes."

It is indeed a bold move yet it also must have been the way things should have been done from the beginning.  Government transparency has always been a problem, it’s mostly opaque.  With the Your Seat at the Table, everybody will at least get to see how the wheels are turning and sound the alarm when something fishy stinks.