Gmail Adds Task Checklist

December 9th, 2008 at 12:00 am

google gmail tasks list

Gmail is on a roll.  Recently they’ve been adding a number of features that’s making them a lot friendlier to users.  There’s the mail goggles that prevents you from sending drunk email, canned responses, calendar and RSS widgets, SMS instant messaging, voice and video chat, skins, desktop widgets, and now most recently, a to-do checklist.

The tasks checklist is straightforward enough.  People do a lot of things on Gmail and for a lot of people the things they have to do like reply to an inquiry, send a comment, write a new article, revolve around the information they receive from their email. So Google fitted Gmail with a lightweight to-do list where users could note down whatever it is they need to be reminded of.

Of course the lightweight tasks list works well with the emails.  It can easily convert email s into tasks eliminating the need to write down an instruction from an email message.  Moreover and as usual, the tasks list is completely optional and hence available with all other special features for Gmail under Google Labs.

Still, the addition of the tasks list feature proves that Gmail is slowly becoming the ultimate productivity tool.  It’s not unimaginable now that in the future Gmail will be the main office tool where all other office software connects and launches.