WordPress 2.7 Coltrane Released

December 11th, 2008 at 12:00 am

wordpress coltrane 2.7

WordPress is already a web 2.0 icon.  The blogging platform that made everyone own their own blog easily and quickly is used by million of bloggers worldwide.  Of course WordPress is not the only blogging platform but it is one of the easiest to maintain and customize.  Today they released their 2.7th version code named "Coltrane" and they claim that it’s going to be the last time any WordPress user will need to manually update their blog.

This may be the last time you ever have to manually upgrade WordPress again. We heard how tired you were of doing upgrades for yourself and your friends, so now WordPress includes a built-in upgrade that will automatically notify you of new releases, and when you’re ready it will download them, install them, and upgrade your blog with a single click.  [WordPress Blog]

Right, so it’s easier to upgrade, no more fiddling around with codes and remaking your entire WordPress  blog.

Other things included in the update are speed and a new user interface.  The new interface allows users to do more with less clicks.  In previous versions of WordPress, it took a while to get used to the options you needed to select when editing your blog and posts.  The Coltrane however introduces a more intuitive interface where the user can easily manipulate any aspect of the blog in the smallest number of clicks possible.

Moreover, WordPress 2.7 also features completely editable, collasible and positionable frames.   This means that the screens in WordPress can be disabled, minimized and moved around without a fuss.