Microsoft Releases First iPhone App

December 15th, 2008 at 12:00 am

microsoft seadragon mobile

Microsoft and Apple have always had a love-hate relationship that’s rooted in both comapanies’ founders. Now with Bill Gates retired and Steve Jobs taking it slow (due to health issues), the two companies are still in their hot ‘n’ cold love story.

The latest episode in that story is the release of Microsoft’s first application for the Apple iPhone. The app, Seadragon Mobile, is a cool but not so useful program that lets users view giga-pixel images seamlessly. The desktop version works amazingly and Microsoft has now ported the same capabilities to the iPhone. Seadragon Mobile for the iPhone is of course multitouch ready. this allows users to zoom in super close into a picture.

Officially, SeaDragon Mobile lets you “View thousands of images over the air, quickly view massive gigapixel images, explore Photosynth collections in 2D, including your own, add your own PhotoZoom / Deep Zoom Composer content [and] subscribe to Deep Zoom RSS feeds.”

On some level, this release is an experiment for Microsoft. Apple, being the underdog is not complaining. It may be possible that with Seadragon working well on the iPhone, more Microsoft Apps will soon be available as well, like say MS Office or Outlook? Anyway, one thing’s for sure, Seadragon Mobile’s release on the iPhone is only a precursor to its WinMo release. That being said, a multitouch WinMo might also be in the works.

Enough speculation, Seadragon Mobile is available now for free at the iTunes AppStore.