Palm Launches Software Store

December 16th, 2008 at 12:00 am

palm softwware store

This year, the mobile market saw a boom of innovations and new additions that rocked the foundations of the industry.  In the past, smartphones were business tools that people in suits used to calculate stuff, send email, and work on while on the move.  However, when Apple introduced the iPhone in 2007, fun was added to productivity and ever since then, mobile phone makers have been scampering to come up with applications to run on their gadgets.

When the iPhone 3G launched this year, Apple introduced an App Store that kept iPhone users hungry for new stuff to put into their phones.  Sure enough, Google launched their Android Market for Android mobile phones.  These events significantly injured the profits of the older players in the smartphone market, namely Blackberry and Palm, who were once the kings of the industry.  So Blackberry came up with their own Storefront

Palm on the other hand, was bleeding cash profusely and took awhile to regain conciousness.  This year, they released the Palm Centro, a smartphone that was underpowered and under-featured compared to the iPhone, G1, and Blackberries, yet a whole lot cheaper.  However, the cheap Centro could not take on Apple, Google and RIM alone, Palm needed a cavalry.  So today here it comes on a white horse, the Palm Software Store.

Much like the App Store, Android Market and  Blackberry storefront, the Software Store will sell applications that will run on Palm devices.  However, the store is not entirely theirs, Palm has partnered up with mobile software distributor PocketGear to run the store.  Currently, they have about 5000 applications available, 1000 of which are free.

However, the Software Store is unlikely to be Palm’s cash cow.  It’s merely a condiment to spice up their device sales.  It is also unlikely that that many developers would come and make applications for the Palm OS since in the Software Store they only get 50% of the revenue while Apple gives its developers 70% of the pie.