Apple Pulls Out of Macworld

December 17th, 2008 at 12:00 am


Macworld, the exhibition event that features Macs, Apples and a lot of other digital things have always been crowned by a keynote from Apple’s head honcho himself, Steve Jobs.  However, this year’s Stevenote in San Francisco’s Macworld will be the last Jobs will deliver.

Apple announced the decision today and said that they have been steadily pulling out of other trade shows as well.  Macworld 2009 in San Francisco this January 5-9 will be the last participation of Apple in the tradeshow.  Philip Schiller will be delivering the keynote address and Jobs will be on the sidelines.

The reason for pulling out is simple, trade shows aren’t worth the effort anymore. "Apple is reaching more people in more ways than ever before, so like many companies, trade shows have become a very minor part of how Apple reaches its customers. The increasing popularity of Apple’s Retail Stores, which more than 3.5 million people visit every week, and the website enable Apple to directly reach more than a hundred million customers around the world in innovative new ways."

It’s a sad day for Apple fanboys.  Stevenotes at Macworld have always been the Mecca of the Apple Fanboy.  The event usually fills the capacity of the auditorium and Apple’s latest products are usually unveiled there.  However, without Steve Jobs’ keynote and the participation of Apple at Macworld, the largest congregation of Apple fans may never happen again.

Many are speculating that the pulling out of Apple is due to Steve Jobs’ declining health.  However, insiders say that it’s more on politics within the company and that Steve is alive and well. 

Just a thought though, without Apple’s participation in Macworld,  there doesn’t seem to be a point to the whole event.  One thing’s for sure, without Apple, Macworld will never be as anticipated for as before.