New York City Gets Photorealistic Buildings in Google Earth

December 18th, 2008 at 12:00 am

google earth new york city photo-realistic

If traveling is nearly impossible for you for reasons like time or money, Google Earth sure does take some frustration away.  I’ve always enjoyed traveling on Google Earth, although it’s not as good as going on the plane or boat or road, it’s good enough when you’re low on cash and time.

Now it’s even better.  New York City, probably the one place on Earth where the world’s cultures melt together, just got an overlay on Google Earth that features a whole lot of its buildings.  Google has been working on this for quite a while.  They started by overlaying models of buildings on top of the satellite images.  Those first buildings were basic geometric shapes that gave you a feel of the cityscape.  Now, they’ve gone bonkers, along with the 3D model buildings, they’ve included photo-realistic images to go on the sides of the 3D models.

Google has updated the 3D buildings in Google Earth for New York City! This is a HUGE update with at least hundreds (if not thousands) of new 3D buildings with photo textures applied. Basically, Google has completed nearly every building in Manhattan Island for Google Earth. Just fly to "New York City" and turn on the 3D Buildings layer in Google Earth. [Google Earth Blog]

The result is amazing!  It’s like you’re actually there.  Of course the real plan is to create a whole model of the entire world, but New York City is really a great place to start. 

Obviously, the next step for them is to integrate Street View.  However there have been no announced plans for that yet.  On the bright side, they say that they’re going to make a video fly by.  It sure stands a good chance  against the city tour bus.