Windows XP Gets Life Extension

December 22nd, 2008 at 12:00 am

windows xp

Windows XP is getting another extension.  Despite being scheduled to retire in January 2008 and make way for Windows Vista, XP was given another shot at life up to 2010 provided that it was installed on netbooks and low cost computers.  Now, Microsoft is extending that again by a scheme that will allow hardware manufacturers to obtain Windows XP licenses until May 30th 2009.

When Microsoft said that they keep XP until 2010, hardware manufacturers had a deadline of until January 30th 2009 to obtain the licenses.  However, in this newscheme Microsoft has put into place, hardware manufacturers can obtain licenses until May 30th.

To the hardware manufacturers’ delight, this extension takes off the pressure on them to stockpile on Windows XP licenses.  They originally feared that they only had until January 30th to make XP powered netbooks and run out of licenses before the demand for XP subsided in favor of Vista or even Windows 7.

Despite Microsoft’s claims that Vista has been selling pretty well, it’s still obvious that consumers still prefer XP for its speed and stability.  The extension of the issuances of licenses for XP for another five months will ensure that XP will be available, at least for cheaper and less powerful machines, until Windows 7 is ready to hit the shelves.