Meizu Opens Flagship Store in Shenzen

January 2nd, 2009 at 12:00 am

meizu m8 vs iphone

Chinese consumer electronics manufacturer Meizu  has opened a flagship store in Shenzen, China.  Meizu, known for knocking off the iPhone and taking it to electronics trade shows in Europe has dodged Apple’s lawyers by taking selling the M8 on their home shores.

Of course, Meizu products will  be finding their ways across borders in Asia and it won’t be long until it will reach European countries which have little and close to none regulations on consumer electronics.  In China however, Meizu is free to sell as many knockoffs as they please.

Pictures from the grand opening of Meizu’s flagship store in Shenzen show a crowd of eager customers and a huge crowd gathering near the iPhone clone Meizu M8.  This isn’t surprising since Apple has been having a hard time getting into China and as of now the iPhone is still unavailable there.   Given that fact, it’s simple to see why the Chinese are crowding over the M8.  It looks like an iPhone, works like an iPhone, but it doesn’t run iPhone OS, it’s easily bootleggable, it runs Windows mobile and it’s a lot cheaper.

If it weren’t for the justice system, the M8 would take over the world.