Google Launches Apps Reseller Program

January 14th, 2009 at 12:00 am

google apps reseller program

Google is expanding the distribution of its Google Apps. They announced this Wednesday that they are launching a reseller program that will let partnered businesses wrap up Google Apps with their own services in special bundles that can be resold.

"We’ve adapted this program to complement resellers’ current business models. Authorized Resellers have the flexibility to combine their existing services with Google Apps. With cloud-based Google Apps there is no new hardware or software to maintain. The Authorized Reseller program benefits include:

  • owning the customer relationship and billing structure
  • providing consulting, service management and end-user support
  • receiving a recurring discount on the annual Google Apps licensing fee
  • receiving marketing, sales and technical training from Google"

Google has been working on the program for a couple of months in private with partner businesses.  They say that they are excited about the new opportunities that cloud computing is creating for IT solution providers.

As part of the deal, resellers get full control over things like customer billing and account management. Google is expecting this to be a big help in moving medium- to large-size companies over to Google Apps platform. Rishi Chandra, senior product manager for Google Apps, told CNET News that "there’s great opportunity to take something like (Google Apps) and roll it out with support. We’re never going to roll out a big services group." With the reseller program, Google expects partners to deliver that while being able to customize the platform for each customer’s needs. [CNET]

Paul Slakey, Google’s director of enterprise channels, believes that this new program will expand the distribution of Google Apps and encourage many others to cloud compute. "It’s a good fit with service providers. For Web-hosting presence it’s a natural extension. For things like business productivity software, dial tone or broadband access, it’s going to be a managed service to provide to their customers."