Google Kills Jaiku, Dodgeball and Mashup Editor

January 15th, 2009 at 12:00 am

jaiku dodgeball

Others have already described the move as a bloodbath, or a rampage and they’re all right. Google is killing off three of its products, Jaiku,, and Mashup Editor to focus their resources on more important things.

First on the death row is Jaiku, a microblogging service Google acquired in 2007 which they hoped to develop and take on Twitter. Sadly, while Twitter has grown massively since 2007, Jaiku on the other hand has been forgotten. Unavoidably, Google is shutting it down, although not entirely. They will however port the whole Jaiku service to the Google App Engine and make it into an open source microblogging platform.

"With the open source Jaiku Engine project, organizations, groups and individuals will be able to roll-their-own microblogging services and deploy them on Google App Engine. The new Jaiku Engine will include support for OAuth, and we’re excited about developers using this proven code as a starting point in creating a freely available and federated, open source microblogging platform. "

Unlike Jaiku, Dodgeball is condemned to ol’ sparky. The mobile social networking service that lets users share their locations with friends via SMS will be shut down completely in a couple of months. Google has yet to announce an execution date.

And "Finally, in the spirit of onward and upward, we have decided to shut down the Mashup Editor, currently in limited private beta, in favor of the more powerful App Engine infrastructure. Existing Mashup Editor applications will stop receiving traffic in six months, and we hope you will join our team in making the exciting transition to App Engine."

So that’s that for those services. If you haven’t noticed, they all got one thing in common aside from being Google properties. They all just did not catch on.