Setting Up Windows 7 Beta

January 15th, 2009 at 12:00 am

Windows 7 Beta

We all had high hopes when Microsoft Vista succeeded Microsoft XP. But we were proved wrong. Vista still wasn’t a very pleasant operating system, as some of us will probably agree. Aside from the fact that it was slow, it was also full of bugs. Not to mention the fact that it had various software and hardware compatibility issues.

All of these glitches were tried to be fixed by Microsoft. They even tried offering other different versions which still didn’t work well, as bad luck would have it. The other versions either had non-working features because it was too cheap, or was set with complete features but was too expensive for most people.

Now, Microsoft is at it again with a new operating system: Windows 7 Beta.

Setting up Windows 7 Beta on your hardware is much like installing Windows Vista. The same easy and efficient installation, although Windows 7 Beta has certain new features on its favor: the new fancy boot screen as well as the HomeGroup setup dialog. .

In a nutshell, we think Windows 7 Beta is really an improved operating system from Microsoft. In fact, it appears to have a faster browsing and performance experience. Compared to XP, that is.

Two thumbs up for Microsoft. Windows 7 Beta has so far exceeded our expectations.

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