Aussie Google Phone Delayed

January 16th, 2009 at 12:00 am

kogan agora

Last December, an Australian electronics manufacturer and retailer, Kogan  announced that they will start selling their Android based smartphone.  They’ve been taking pre-orders since then.

Unfortunately the Kogan Agora, won’t make it to stores on time.  According to an announcement from Kogan, the Agora is having some issues with interoperability.

"The Agora did reach a very late stage of development. Manufacturing had commenced and it was a matter of days from being shipped to you. However, it now seems certain the Agora in its current form will limit its compatibility and interoperability in the near future.

One of the potential issues is the screen size and resolution. It seems developers will be creating applications that are a higher resolution than the Agora is currently capable of handling. "


Still it’s probably better that they did delay the release of the Kogan indefinitely rather than sell a product now and have issues later.  Nonetheless there are a lot of disappointed Australians out there even if they’ll be refunded for their orders.  Moreover, a lot of people around the world are also disappointed because the Kogan Agora was to be the proof of concept that Google’s Android mobile platform would work properly on a device other than the G1.

So how’s it going to be?  Android is supposed to be a simple platform that can be easily deployed on a massive number of devices.  If Kogan’s having trouble with the OS, it’s very possible that other manufacturers will also have a hard time making the whole thing work.  Consequently, that’s bad news for Google if they want to beat the crap out of the iPhone or Blackberry.