Google Team Up with New York City

January 21st, 2009 at 12:00 am

i heart ny i love new york

New York City, you could hate it or love it.  Nevertheless, you still want to go there.  The NYC experience is one you’ll always remember regardless if you’re a tourist or if you live there.  It’s the only place to go to at least once in your life.

NYC is keeps evolving, businesses close, building are built, streets are rerouted, trains are added, and every thing else keeps changing.  So how do you cope?  Well, the government of NYC and Google have got that covered.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced in Google’s blog that they are launching a resource center all about NYC.  There’s a website, for those planning to go there and there’s the Official New York City Information Center for when you get to the city that doesn’t sleep.  Both leverage Google Maps and Earth to map out hotels, attractions and everything else you need to know about NYC.

In partnership with Google, we are launching a new website and Information Center to help make it easier for both visitors and residents to explore all the energy, excitement and diversity of New York City’s five boroughs. is the official resource on the web for all there is to see, do and experience in the City. This dynamic site uses Google Maps to help you plan your New York experience and find hotels, restaurants and entertainment, in addition to exclusive citywide savings and promotions. With you can use Google Maps to get directions to attractions throughout the City, and even send the info to your phone with Google Maps for mobile.

Now that NYC has done it, I wonder when LA or Washington or Miami or Silicon Valley will adapt.  Actually, it would be great to see every major city in the world to have one just like it.

Check the video here to get a walk through of the new website and information center.