AdMob Releases Ad Unit for Android Platform

January 27th, 2009 at 12:00 am


AdMob has released an ad unit for developers to create campaigns and monetize their applications.  The ad unit will enable developers ad supported games and return a good profit to them.  The first developers to use AdMob’s new Android ad unit in their applications include AccuWeather, Jirbo, and TapJoy.

As usual, the ad unit is designed for developers to integrate into their iPhone apps and persuade consumers to go buy something.  AdMob is not new to this strategy, in fact they are already using on the iPhone platform. With the integration with Android, they hope to at least equal their success with Apple.

Ali Diab, Vice President of Product Management for AdMob said “Android’s open platform enables developers to build rich mobile applications that provide a great experience for users. We are already seeing strong interest in developing applications for Android-based devices, similar to what we saw with the iPhone last summer, and are very excited to take the lead in helping developers monetize their applications on this fast-growing device platform.”

So will this boost the sales of the G1?  It’s hard to say but the iPhone is a pretty strong competitor.  

Ironic though, the Android platform was developed by Google, Google itself has yet to release a dedicated advertising service for Android applications. While the iPhone and iPod touch now dominate AdMob’s business, the company is clearly hoping for the Android platform to gain some market share in the near future.