Google Chrome Comes to Google Toolbar for Firefox

January 30th, 2009 at 12:00 am

google toolbar speed dial new tab

Many Firefox fans tried out Google Chrome when it was released.  Like many, I tried it and was not totally impressed.  Now Chrome is my alternate browser.

There are many things I miss from Firefox every time I use Chrome.  However there is one thing I miss from Chrome when using Firefox, speed dial.  One of Google Chrome’s features is the speed dial page they cloned from Opera.  The speed dial page in Chrome is showed when a new tab is opened.  The page shows nine tiles each with a screen shot of the user’s most frequented sites.  This feature I think is something all browsers must have.

Firefox, unfortunately does not have a built in speed dial page like Chrome. Luckily, Google was smart enough to include Chrome’s best feature in the Google Toolbar plug-in for Firefox.  The new feature was released today and is in beta mode.  From the announcement of Google, they say that it’s the best, latest and greatest Google Toolbar. 

"One of the features I’m really excited about is the new tab page. Now, when you open up a new tab, instead of the blank white page you see by default in Firefox, you will instead see small thumbnails of your favorite sites (up to 9), as well as recently-closed and bookmarked pages based on your browser history. You can edit the thumbnails, and all this data remains locally on your browser, which means none of the information about your most viewed sites or recently closed pages will be sent back to Google." [Official Google Blog]

Indeed it’s a very useful tool.  Like all plug ins it’s optional and can be turned on and off if the user desires.   All in all, it’s another smart innovation by the guys at Google.