Mozilla’s Mobile Browser: Fennec

January 30th, 2009 at 12:00 am

mozilla fennec on htc touch pro

As we all know, Mozilla is the maker of our favorite browser Firefox.  Firefox is our favorite because it’s open, fast, smart and all around convenient.  So now that Mozilla is rolling out a new version of their browser for mobile devices, will it be as good as Firefox?

Fennec as they call it has been in the works.  Mozilla claims that it’s a Firefox for mobile and we sure hope so.  With Safari, IE, Opera and Chrome being the popular browsers on devices such as the iPhone, Windows Mobile Devices, and Android devices, Fennec has to work its way up considering the fact that it’s already late.  Still, as we’ve learned with Firefox, it’s not impossible to win over millions and millions of users in a couple of months.

Latest news of Fennec says that it’s bound to make a debut next week on the HTC TouchPro, a Windows Mobile device.  According to the Mozilla Wiki:

We are targeting a Milestone release for the first week of February, targeting the HTC touch pro.

We are two patches away from the meta goal of building from trunk. The tools changes have review from dougt, and are waiting for review from ted, who has promised review by the end of the week. NSPR changes are waiting for review from Nelson, who asked for and received a patch against NSPR trun.

So will it be as legendary as Firefox?  It’s hard to say.  Outside of Mozilla, Fennec has not yet made any headlines.

Nonetheless, we really hope Fennec is as good as Firefox.