Twitter Mulls Charging Corporate

February 11th, 2009 at 12:00 am

Twitter Logo

Twitter has become the popular means to update friends and colleagues with almost real time info, briefly stated in 140 characters or less. The simple means of providing updates that Twitter utilizes makes it quite a popular tool used by people to get in touch with members of their social network more closely. And by the way, did we say that it’s free?

A surge of different reports recently cropped up that Twitter may no longer be free to use, at least for those who use it for commercial purposes. The people at Twitter have been thinking about the increase of companies, brands and organizations using Twitter not only to keep track of colleagues but also use the service to deliver company news and market attractive product deals to customers belonging in their network. Some companies have even been seen experimenting with Twitter as an advertising medium aside from using it as a customer service tool.

These new ideas of how Twitter is being used for commercial purposes may have sparked an idea among those who run the popular micro-blogging site. Why not offer the Twitter service to commercial organizations with a fee in tow? How can this service generate some income for us? Now that would be an interesting revenue stream for the company that has been running for more than a couple of years on venture capital without any income coming in.

Interesting idea or not, depending on where you stand, the people at Twitter may have the right to pursue the idea further since it may help their company finally find a means to operate without solely relying on venture capital. Considering the recent recession, any revenue stream will do. But the idea of charging for fees may still have other people opposed to it. It might create a backlash that may not be good for Twitter. And it might be for this reason that the idea still remains at the drawing board stage, at least that is what the Twitter Blog is saying. Until then, the "Tweets" are still for free.