Hulu Takes Online Content Off Boxee

February 20th, 2009 at 12:00 am

Hulu logo

Hulu and Boxee may have something in common in that they provide online media content to people but do it in different ways. Hulu offers its popular TV media content for PC viewing while Boxee offers online media content being viewed from the ordinary TV set using its software. Both companies had an informal relationship where Hulu allows Boxee owners to source the wealth of online TV content from the former. That relationship is now in the past tense because things have changed.

It seems that pressure from Hulu’s own content providers have made them decide to take off their online content from being made available on Boxee. Hulu, which is co-owned by NBC and Fox, requested Boxee to remove its online content composed mainly of popular TV programs from its line up. The reason mainly came from Big Media supplying content to Hulu who also are co-owners. The Super Bowl ad that Hulu came out with surely may have garnered the online content additional publicity. But will this recent move to take out their content from Boxee make it even better?

The recent removal of online content by Hulu on Boxee may just show that many people from Big Media may still feel a bit threatened by the Internet invading their traditionally popular media outlet, the television. The printed media surely may have suffered considerably with the popularity of the Internet. Big Media may be thinking that they don’t want the same thing to happen to television. They would still be wanting people to view their content the traditional way, at least when it comes to watching them from a TV set.

The Hulu removal of their content would surely affect Boxee, which have a majority of its users checking out Hulu’s wealth of popular TV shows day in and day out. But such a move may also affect Hulu because it is such an unpopular move among many online subscribers of media content. It can be one of those decisions that can leave a bad taste in the mouth.

And for the Big Media co-owners of Hulu, protecting their media content this way would likely be a step backward than forward for them eventually. The Boxee model of providing online content would have been an interesting study on the future of media and where it may be heading. But for now, the study may already be over just as things are just getting started.