Google Android on a Netbooks: Coming Soon?

March 4th, 2009 at 12:00 am


In what was initially developed for mobile gadgets may find itself in Netbooks. What we are talking about is the Android OS. It may sound far fetched as of the moment. But it may just be quite an attractive proposition that might just come true in the near future.

This suggestion may have stemmed from a blog post regarding certain developers having been able to successfully port a Netbook running on Google’s Linux based Android OS. The possibility of having the Android OS running on a Netbook such as an Asus Eee PC may be quite a promising option in this relatively new PC segment. With the said OS being open source, it may just give Microsoft Windows, the premier desktop OS leader, a run for their money. But this early, it might still be a case of an overstatement.

But in a bleak economic environment where PC manufacturers may need to save considerably on expenses, the use of free and open source software becomes an attractive alternative to the use of proprietary software such as the Windows OS with its licensing fees. The potential is there. In fact, some online reports have suggested of Asus trying to set up its own team of developers to further explore the possibilities of having Netbooks running on the Android OS.

What makes the venture quite interesting is that Android is backed by another giant in the online world, the search engine behemoth Google. What this support implies is that the use of the Android OS on Netbooks will have better chances of winning new users. For one Google has its web browser, Chrome that can be used on the Android OS. And another thing that may gain wide acceptance for an Android OS Netbook is its initial release for use on mobile gadgets. This might provide a path for the open source OS to get into the market more easily.