Need a Tip? Use Google Tip Jar

March 6th, 2009 at 12:00 am

Google Tip Jar

Everyone needs a tip on something at one point or another. And in the case of the ongoing economic recession, tips concerning money and how to save more of it become popular topics of discussion. People try to make use of these tips to help them get through the difficulties brought about by the dismal economic situation.

When one goes online, there are tips on different sites that abound, giving people a hundred different ways to save money for the current rainy day. But how will people know or really be sure if these tips would really work? Enter Google Tip Jar.

Tip Jar was recently developed by the minds working at Google in order to help people online gather tips scattered everywhere on the Web that would help them save money during this difficult economic times. Tip Jar takes it further than just simply collecting tips. The relatively new tool invites people online to vote on the tips and rank them according to their usefulness. This will show people what tips would likely be more effective and worth trying rather than just depending on tips per se.

Tip Jar is powered by Google’s Moderator, an application tool that gets the online community to action by getting them to discuss and have their say on a variety of issues through collective voting and ranking. And in the case of Tip Jar, the issue revolves around tips and what the online community thinks are the most effective ones to try out by voting and ranking them according to popularity, appropriateness or importance. The various tips can be submitted by people according to certain categories where they are then collected for other people in the community to vote on.

Tip Jar provides a means for people online to check out which of the many tips are actually being endorsed by many in the online community or are actually useful. This helps streamline those tips that really matter and disregard those not worth getting into. Tip Jar might just catch on among many online users, especially if they come out with effective tips that people can rely on, be it on saving money or any other aspect of life.