Wikipedia On Your Mobile With WikiPock

March 9th, 2009 at 12:00 am

WikiPock Logo

Wikipedia has become quite a popular website for information, becoming the hands down leader among online encyclopedias today. How about getting one for your mobile gadget? You might want to get WikiPock.

WikiPock is a mobile application that lets you scan and look for information found in Wikipedia right from your mobile phone. This can be done offline as it is downloaded into your mobile phone for storage, all 4 GB worth of Wiki info. Only 4 GB you say? Yes, WikiPock uses that much to store all current Wikipedia pages into mobile phones for browsing. It might be quite a considerable for a smart phone, but its nothing that an added memory card can’t fix.

Considering the huge collection of articles found in Wikipedia today (more than 2,760,000 articles to date) you might wonder how that much info can be stored entirely on 4 GB memory. It is mainly due to the compression technology employed by the providers of WikiPock to make the articles enhanced for mobile phone use. And oh yes, WikiPock does away with the images found on the online version of Wikipedia, making it a bit lighter on memory usage.

WikiPock is currently available for Windows Mobile and Blackberry smart phones. Versions for the iPhone and Android phones are still in the works. The WikiPock Basic Edition is around $10 but is not update supported. For an updatable version, you need to get the WikiPock Plus Edition for $15. Updates are available for download on the WikiPock site. Both Editions of the WikiPock also comes with WikiQuote and Wiktionary.

And in support for the use of Wikipedia articles, which in itself is free, the WikiPock donates 10 percent of its net revenue to the Wikipedia Foundation. That’s not too bad, not bad at all. If you are a constant user of Wikipedia and would want to access its pages even while on the move, WikiPock for your Windows Mobile or Blackberry smart phones and gadgets would be a wonderful app to consider.